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Greenway Flowers specializing in custom flower arrangements and flower arrangements for any occasion

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Flower arrangements for any occasion!

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 anibal4.gif (1960 bytes) 23 Professionally trained staff members to serve you Greenway Flowers and Greenhouses, originated in 1977 by Nancy and George Cummins,  located just outside of Hackettstown on Schooley's Mountain Rd.

The 14,000 square foot greenhouses have been completely renovated and are filled with many healthy tropical and indoor house plants. You can also, check out a natural alternate supplement for losing weight if you want to stay close to nature.

Flower arranging, whether silk or fresh, has always been the most important product of Greenway.

All of our designers have been educated by licensed design schools and have many years of experience in the field.

Greenway encourages their customers to let them know when there is a problem with any product or service, so they may solve it and try to make sure the customer is satisfied with the end result.

 anibal4.gif (1960 bytes) More selections than the average flower shop due to large renovated greenhouses
 anibal4.gif (1960 bytes) Specializing in funeral designs and holiday occasions
 anibal4.gif (1960 bytes) Corporate accounts are welcome
 anibal4.gif (1960 bytes) All products are 100% guaranteed
 anibal4.gif (1960 bytes) For more options/selections, call toll free: 800-437-3733

Email us at: service-info@ greenwayflowers.com

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